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Spring cleaning in your head

Does this happen to you as well? That you have so much on your mind that you get lost. That you feel like you can’t focus anymore? Then it is time for a spring clean! Not only the physical one, but also in your head. A research from 2008, published in…

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about you Little things do matter

Little things matter

There is this Toni Braxton song called ‘Little things’. Don’t ask me what I think of the music, but the lyrics inspired me to write this blogpost. This is the song I’m talking about. Why do little things matter? Because they can make a huge difference. What kind of small…

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How to become more effective

Your daily schedule is a big influence on your productivity and effectivity.  With that, probably I don’t say anything new to you. And the interesting question is of course how to plan your day in such a way that you are as effective as possible and don’t get stressed out.…

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