about you To decide what you want is the first step on the road to achieve your goals.

What do you want?

The academic year is soon coming to an end. We are still in lockdown. Some things are allowed, some aren’t. These times might be a great time for some reflection. You can do this in two ways: either by looking back or by looking forward and questioning yourself: what do…

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Should I start a blog?

Shall I start a blog or not is the question Quite a few scientists have been blogging at the moment and more and more PhD students have started a blog. Sometimes as a video blog to explain specific things, or in a different format like the English Open University. Another…

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Do you recognize this? You need to do something, but it doesn’t happen, you start thinking about it and it becomes more and more complicated. Which means you are even less motivated to do it. So you will think even more about it, so it becomes increasingly complicated….. The bottom…

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