planningHow to ensure you maintain an overview of your PhD.

I am asked frequently what to do to ensure a good overview of one’s PhD. The simple answer is: by making proper planning.

Proper planning, how?

Start with using the 5 tips mentioned in this blog. Of course, there is more to be said about planning. Try searching here to find many more tips and tools to help you plan with efficiency and efficacy.

On top of that, you can use the monthly progress monitor and don’t forget to involve your supervisors in the process of planning.

Do you struggle to apply these tips? Perhaps an individual 5 months program like ‘Back on Track’ would be a great option for you.

Once I have my planning, how to monitor everything?

PhD students were asked this question on Twitter. Which apps are popular?

Three apps distinguish themselves from the rest

The first one is Trello. PhD students who are working together on a project or in a lab are often using this app.

The second one is Notion. I have already written a blog about this app, Quite a lot of PhD students are using it as an efficient tool for making notes.

The third one is Todoist.

Sometimes you have to figure out for yourself which app would be good for you

That’s why I am mentioning a couple other options:, Nozbe, Meistertask, Clickup, and Airtable.

And in case you are using the pomodoro technique you could use Ticktick.

Are you a fan of braindumps, then Dynalist is a great option.

Pen and paper will work as well though

I am a big fan of bullet journaling. Ryder Caroll invented this method and is explained in this video. The great thing about it is that I can choose how to divide the journal in such a way that is appropriate for that moment, all depending on which project I am working on.

Bullet journaling is a great method to keep track of your planning.

And on top of that, it opens so many possibilities for a great flow of creativity.

Would be great to hear from you what your favourite tool is.

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