PhD students who know me a little longer or have worked with me intensively know that I am a great believer in walking half an hour every day. For many different reasons. You won’t be surprised if I tell you that I spend my holidays walking.



I came across an article of Canva which summarized all the advantages of walking.

1.   Walking stimulates creativity

Research of the University of Stanford explains that you are more creative when you walk than when you sit down. And the effect of the walking continues even after sitting down. You have to be very creative during your research, so why not start now.

2.   Walking is good for your health

We all know that walking is healthy. If you would have to chose one thing for your health, than walking is a very good option. Read more here.

3. Walking makes you more productive

It is ‘hot’ to discuss or negotiate while you are walking, many companies in Silicon Valley have introduced that. In this TEDtalk you will find out why it works so well. Maybe an idea for the next meeting with your promotor.  When you combine the advantages of 1 and 2 it might work out really well for you!

4.   Walking will improve your conversations

Another reason to walk while you discuss your thesis with your promotor: the conversations during walking are much better and more natural than conversations held opposite one and other. Talking during the walking will increase clarity.

Follow the example of Steve Jobs, Charles Dickens, Beethoven and Charles Darwin. They achieved great successes. Walking will help you to concentrate better, do more, learn better, be more creative and last but not least will give you a longer life. If that doesn’t benefit your research…..

And the icing on the cake….

studies show walking

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