I am asked this question many times: how to find the right literature? It is not easy to track down exactly the appropriate literature in the enormous amount of books and articles available.

The short answer is: know how to search! How to figure out how to do that? Ask the University library, or follow one of their workshops. It can shed light on:

–                where to search

–                what search operators or search commands you need to use

–                how to retrieve your search terms

–                how to divide your search question in manageable chunks

–                how to find the right search term

–                how the snowball method works

–                how to find out if a website or data bank is safe

–                how to check your data

–                how to use different data banks

–                what characters to add to your search

–                how to organise your results

–                how to filter your results

–                how to find images, video’s, contact details, experts, statistics

–                how to avoid unnecessary typing

–                how to improve or extend your search

–                what is the difference between the free and the deep web

–                how to search specifically for recent publications

And much, much more.

Do you know all the answers to these questions? Fantastic, you are without doubt a great help for your colleagues, who would like some extra help with searching….. In all other cases: go to your library!


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