about you Trying to do everything perfect is great but has its downfalls.

Are you a perfectionist?

Setting the bar high is great. To make sure you are doing everything as well as possible is a great quality to have. Perfectionism can be beneficial. Only if you are capable of letting go of the expectation. If you would always strive for perfection, which means that nothing should…

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about you The best way to start the new academic year.

Mixed feelings after the holiday

I always have some mixed feelings after the holiday. On the one hand, I don’t want the holiday to be finished, on the other hand, I want to get back to work. Starting up What helps me the most to start up again is not taking on the whole world…

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motivation/inspiration What is working hard?

How to work hard?

Working hard for the best result If I work a little bit harder or maybe work a bit longer today, I will definitely finish everything. Can you hear yourself saying this? If you can, you have fallen in a big trap. The trap which states that more is better. And…

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