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Should I start a blog?

Shall I start a blog or not is the question Quite a few scientists have been blogging at the moment and more and more PhD students have started a blog. Sometimes as a video blog to explain specific things, or in a different format like the English Open University. Another…

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Tips for PhD’s from PhD’s (8)

Recently, Geesje sent me an interesting video about planning, made by Groningen University. It is about working SMART and how to implement this in your daily life. Click here for the video. Definitely worth watching. And pay specific attention to the part which explains how to deal with free time…

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A lesson about happiness

  Many PhD students do not feel very happy, lucky, or fortunate, often due to the high amounts of stress they find themselves under. However, there can be an assortment of other reasons for this as well. Maybe this can help you. Go grab a piece of paper and a…

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