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Andy Puddicombe – a former Buddhist monk – explains how you can massively refresh your busy and stressed brain in only 10 minutes a day. By meditating.


He explains that the prejudices about meditation – it is especially for vegetarians, you can do it only if you are in a painful position, you have to burn incense or else it does not work, it is only for new age types – are not true, and what you can do to free yourself from all the fuss in your head in only 10 minutes a day. Too good to be true? Listen to his story and then judge.


Want to give it a try? There are many apps that you can help. Andy Puddicombe has an app on his website, Eva Lantsoght (PhD talk) recommend the Stop, breathe and think- app , and I am a fan of Buddhify2 , but that is only available again for the Iphone and Ipad .

What is your favourite meditation app? Whether you use any app or maybe something else ? Let me know!



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