This is the blog of The Dutch PhD Coach, written by Arjenne Louter. The blog is filled with tips and useful information, meant to help you finish your thesis successfully and in time. Because I believe that each PhD student can finish his or her thesis. Sometimes with a little support. And that support I can give you. Have a look around, I’m looking forward to your reaction!

Studied at the University of Utrecht, communication skills. Expert in written and oral communication. Worked amongst other things for the last 20+ years as a teacher and researcher academic skills and communications at different universities. I know the academic world from the inside out. Also experience as advisor for the government and as a communications consultant. Mediator in job related disputes. Coach using art. Facilitator.

I have a lot of experience as a trainer and a coach for PhD-students. I give support to PhD-students when they are facing obstacles like writing, coping with literature, work life balance, motivation and inspiration, getting along with your advisor and supervisor, working together, conflicts.

I have helped hundreds of PhD students to finish their thesis successfully and in time, by supporting them with the process and to make sure they build their confidence and motivation.

Workshops, lectures, individual coaching, in company training; a lot is possible. If you want more information, please mail me at [email protected]
You’ll find my activities (in Dutch and English) here.



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